Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Weekend In Review....

Awaken Teaching Series:  The Book : Where Did It Come From and Can It Be Trusted? (week 2 of 8)

Sermon Summary: The Bible is the best-selling book of all-time....by far.  But that's not the legacy of the Bible.  The legacy of the Bible, it's impact over time, is in it's message.  The question of the morning was "Can it be trusted?"  The answer is yes.  This is supported by the unity of the Bible, the history of the Bible, the prophecy of the Bible, and the legacy of the Bible.  The closing thought for the week was "The Bible isn't just A BOOK...it's THE BOOK."

Fun Stuff:  We played a word game where three words led you to a one-word answer.  1 perfect score in 2nd service was a pretty impressive accomplishment.  

Worship Setlists: 1st Service - Evermore, Our God Is Love, Arms Open Wide
                         2nd Service - Rise and Sing, Happy Day, How He Loves

Video Elements: Kicked off the service with David Crowder Band's music video for "Let Me Feel You Shine".  Showed "The Book" bumper video again.  And the "Who Wrote The Bible" video I talk about below.

I Won't Soon Forget:  I've never had to try to explain canonization to teenagers and still haven't thanks to a sweet little video that did it in an informative and creative way.  Check it out here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ARdwIWDnE90

Up Next:  The Book - What's It About? (week 3 of 8)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Weekend In Review..

I'm borrowing my format for weekend in review posts from Josh Griffin, high school pastor at Saddleback, and his blog, morethandodgeball.com, which you should definitely read. 

Awaken Teaching Series:  The Book (series intro, week 1 of 8)

Sermon Summary:  We talked about the difference between knowing, believing, and living out the things that we find in the Bible.  It was particularly interesting to discuss the amount of entire songs some of us know word-for-word vs. the amount of Bible verses we can recite.  Mostly this sermon was to prepare us for the 6 main messages in "The Book" series which is part of the "40 Days in the Word" spiritual growth emphasis our whole congregation is participating in.  We opened the service with Building 429's music video for "Where I Belong."  We intro'd the sermon with the "The Book" bumper video made my HSM at Saddleback Church.  

Service length:  We've been doing a lot better job of not running out of time.  We still went over a little in first service. 

Fun stuff:  We played a  powerpoint game about kidnapping(I know, sounds fun), but it was one of those games where multiple people got every answer right.  It may be time to change up the game portion of Awaken.

Worship Setlists:  1st Service:  Happy Day, Everything Glorious, The Stand.
                          2nd Service: Break Free, Our God, Came To My Rescue.

I Won't Soon Forget:  I was occupied between services talking to some parents and our fantastic volunteers took care of all the between-service details(which they almost always do anyway).  This makes my job easier and I couldn't be more thankful for them and the work they do! 

Up Next:  The Book - Where Did It Come From and Can It Be Trusted? (Week 2 of 8)