Friday, January 27, 2012

It's Friday....and I'm pretty sure I am annoyed by every song about Friday..which is sad because it's a good day...

Nothing like a long title to get a post started. 

that ridiculous rebecca black song.  that's what i was thinking of....but then i googled songs about friday and realized most of the songs about friday i found I don't actually maybe they aren't so bad.  but that rebecca black song....not cool.

Well it is Friday, frustrating Friday to be exact.  I'm pretty solid when it comes to video editing but today's project is just getting to me.  It may have to simply be a failure.  It's just not coming together.  But those things happen.

Stacy, Kate, and Jackson brought me a picnic lunch today and Kate rode her tricycle in the church parking lot.  Never thought I'd be posting that in January, but I'll take it.  My parents are coming in for the weekend(weather permitting) but we haven't told Kate yet.  First, we don't want to get her hopes up in case the weather turns bad there or here.  And secondly, it'll be a fun surprise for her.  It will also mean we should have some time to paint the living room this weekend.  Painting is hard work, but the house is really starting to feel more like home. 

This Sunday is Youth Sunday.  Get pumped.  This is always a great Sunday at New Life and our teens do such a fantastic job.  We also tend to have a lot of visitors on Youth Sunday, so that's always a plus too! 

Currently Listening to: Jesus Culture
Currently Reading: The New Breed by Jonathan McKee and Thomas McKee
Currently Working on:  Finalizing details for Sunday morning.

Have a great day everyone!

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