Monday, September 27, 2010

Another Funeral.......

In the past year and a half I have lost 3 grandparents.  The third was this afternoon when my Grandpa H. passed away.  He was ready to go.  He had been without Grandma for a long time.  He was weak and tired and ready to be in heaven.  And this afternoon he went.  Of course we are sad.  I'll miss him.  I have the honor of preaching his funeral this Friday and at the moment, I have no idea what I am going to say.  I'll talk to my aunts and uncles and cousins this week to see what they would want me to say.  I'm sure i'll hear story after story after story.  But what can I really say about a man who has always been a part of my life and now is gone.  This is not the first funeral I've preached.  It's the second.  And it's the second of my grandparents funerals that I am preaching.  And I have no idea where to start.  But i guess i'll go write out some thoughts and try to find a starting place from there.  Miss you Grandpa.

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