Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Weekend in Review 5/13/12

Awaken Teaching Series:  The Book: The New Testament (week 5 of 8)

Sermon Summary:  The New Testament has 4 main sections.  The Gospels are like a biography of Jesus and the world around him.  Acts is a history of the church.  The Epistles(or letters) are a good source for instruction and information on Christian living.  And Revelation is a vision of the end times.  We can look at this in the way a person comes to believe and become a Christian.  They seek to understand who Jesus is, they find a church home, they discover what it means to live a Christian life, and at some point consider their ultimate destination.  

Fun Stuff:  We started a series of challenges called "The Ultimate Showdown."  This week, two contestants had to pull a dollar from their wallet and sit on it.  First to do so got to keep both dollars or trade them for candy.  

Worship Setlists:  First Service - Like a Lion, Came To My Rescue, Arms Open Wide.
                           Second Service - Break Free, Take It All, From The Inside Out.

Video Elements:  Tried out a new 10 second countdown timer and intro music.  Used a bumper video for the Ultimate Showdown game.  

I Won't Soon Forget:  Too often, new faces end up sitting by themselves.  That didn't happen this Sunday!

Up Next:  The Book - Reading the Bible (Week 6 of 8) 

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