Thursday, May 24, 2012

Weekend In Review 5/20/12

Awaken Teaching Series: The Book - How To Read The Bible (week 6 of 8)

Message Summary:  R.E.A.D. the Bible.  R = Ready Yourself, E = Explore, A = Ask Questions, D = Decide what to do in response to this scripture.  If we approach scripture this way, it will show up in our lives.

Fun Stuff:  Doing push-ups and your mouth to move checkers into a stacked pile was pretty entertaining for our Ultimate Showdown game.

Worship Setlists: First Service - Like A Lion, The Stand, How He Loves
                          Second Service - Like A Lion, Rise and Sing, Like An Avalanche

Video Elements: Watched the rehearsal/music video for The Digital Age singing "After All"  Awesome song.
More importantly, we played a video of Christian comedian Michael Jr. asking random people at a mall to finish well-known scriptures.  It was eye-opening.

I Won't Soon Forget:  During second service, Todd decided to invite everyone to take communion when they were ready during the last song, "Like An Avalanche."  Made for an intensely cool moment.

Up Next: The Book - Living The Book (week 7 of 8)

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